"Trenderwalls" - Wood Glass Partitions

Trenderwalls - a new and universal wood-glass product. It is an ecological product with excellent aesthetic and technical characteristics, which is determined by the properties of wood as a material friendly to environment. This system is a new product of ours, labeled with the same brand name. Trenderwalls - the partitions are excellent - up to 45 db with acoustic properties. The partitions is filled with a single, laminated (with sound isnsulation film) or double glass air gap.

Made together with partitions, doors are also perfectly suited to the trenderwalls profile system. One of the main characteristics of the partition system is versatility and sustainability. The Trenderwalls partition is easy to redesign and, if necessary, can be disassembled and adapted to a new location with little effort.

Edgeless profile system, which provides visual ease for the entire interior.


Žydrūnas Dobrovolskis
(project manager)
zydrunas@stiklita.lt Mob. +37061252639