Jansen Art 15 System

Slim steel profile system for partitions, windows and doors. Initially, this steel system was oriented to the French market only. The system was tested in accordance with all requirements. Jansen has been specially developed for old-buildings renovation, in which the highest requirements of the outer appearance are set. Inward-opening windows and doors can be produced With this system. Moreover, there also is an opportunity to improvise in new buildings, separating room in a planned space with the modern Art 15 partitions. This system with narrow exterior profiles is saving the interior space. The narrow profile complies with the desire and opportunity of today's architects to hold large glass areas in slim frames.

Narrow face widths
Easy to produce
Visually suitable for listed buildings (renovated or newly-build)

Jansen is headquartered in Switzerland, where it produces and develops its manufacture, designs and markets precision steel tubes systems as well as plastic products for the building and other industries. Jansen provides its customers worldwide with technologically mature products and system solutions that deliver true added value.