Designing is a process that not only needs diligence but also responsibility and expertise, and is surely best done by professionals. UAB Stiklita designs the glass structures in accordance with the basic principles of architecture: convenience, durability and beauty. We strive for our products to be functional, durable, and of the highest quality. We give professional advice wihile communicating with the client, and find the best solutions that satifies both sides. Our specialists use the latest technological solutions and find the best price-quality ratio.


UAB "Stiklita Vilnius" glass products are of especially high quality. This is determined by the choice of the right partners. Glass products are manufactured for us using the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment, and is constantly renovated and upgraded. Therefore, in the shortest possible time we can offer a great deal of different glassware. Efficiency and quality are the priorities when choosing a manufacturer. One such manufacturer is UAB Stiklita. The 22 years of experience in the glass industry make it possible to fulfill large and technologically complex orders. And their products meet all the essential requirements of the European Union norms.


UAB Stiklita Vilnius entrusts the installation work to a team of our skilled workers. The professionalism of the employees is determined by the many years of experience gained in our company since its inception. Flexibility is an integral part of the services offerd by the company while adapting to customer needs. Non-standard project decisions and sometimes seemingly impossible situations, thanks to the expertise of our team, are solved and implemented. Impossible things become possible.