All shower enclosures are made of 8mm hardened glass
Standard shower enclosure dimensions: width 900 mm, height 1900mm
Replacing standard sizes is subject to a 15% markup
All glass panels produced by Glass are covered with ClearShield coatings
Installation service - 120 € in Vilnius city

Price for clear glass: 680 €
Price tinted / frosted glass: 720 €
Price for a particularly transparent glass: 760 €

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Clean Glass For Longer!

The surface of the glass is uneven and rough. Glass, like metal, constantly reacts with materials in the environment and changes its appearance. The depressions of the glass accumulate dirt, which eventually can not be removed. The use of a long-term ClearShield coating is recommended for glass to remain as new and to make the maintenance easier. 

Showers and other glass surfaces in the bath

ClearShield coating protects the glassy surface of the shower from the accumulation of lime, salts and other sediments, reduces bacterial and fungal propagation, ensures lesser and easier cleaning of the bathroom glass.

ClearShield coating technology:

ClearShield is like a glass teflon - it creates a barrier between glass and dirt, the glass becomes resistant to lime, dirt, dust accumulation and other contaminants, it is easier to clean. Unlike the film, ClearShield becomes part of the glass, so it does not roll away, does not slip and does not scrub. Lifeime of this coating varies from 3 to 15 years depending on environmental conditions. The technology can be used both on glass that has just been made and on glass surfaces already installed, by refreshing them and protecting them. 

ClearShield coated glass:

  • Remains clean for longer
  • It is easier to clean
  • Does not spoil the original appearance and color
  • It is resistant to bacteria accumulation
  • Reduces maintenance costs and time for glass care

Protecting or refreshing the glass with Clearshield technology, it is recommended that it is continued to maintain with ClearShiel tools that are environmentally friendly and maximize the lifetime of the glass. Other household glass cleaners are also possible, but no strong chemical cleaners should be used, they shorten the life of the coating. It is recommended to use a soft microfiber cloth or sponge for cleaning.